High-speed weighing, sealing and printing – in a single machine

Our automatic wrappers eliminate the need for manual wrapping, greatly easing the pressure on your workforce and helping you keep costs down.

Our systems has the power for fast tray production without compromising seal integrity, in time for opening hours or before peak customer periods, giving a precise, uniform finish every time.

Explore our range below:

WM-AI Series

The WM-AI is the perfect wrapper series for use in restricted spaces. It is designed to achieve excellent through-put user convenience and clear labelling, resulting in a lower running cost.

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This compact unit provides the comprehended solution in the production line, contributing to minimum downtime.

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The WM-Nano is the ideal solution for grocers and markets with limited space needing high performance and consistent wrapping.

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NTP-UNI Series

Our trayless wrapper is simple to operate and capable of considerably cutting down costs and waste, ideal for fresh products that need immediate preparation for sale.

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WM-AI VF Compact Weighing / Wrapping / Manual labeling machine

WM-AI VF  is a compact weighing, wrapping and manual labeling machine that can wrap fruits vegetables and tray products with various sizes and shapes nicely using the most appropriate stretch.

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