Tray Sealers  


The QX series of Ishida tray sealers is capable of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging (Skin packaging), giving you longer shelf lives and greater seal integrity than ever before.

The sealing unit, designed in-house by Ishida, can handle trays of multiple formats and sizes, ensuring they are all are neatly packaged and ready for sale.

Explore our range below:

QX-1100 Flex

A high-speed tray packaging system, comprising a two-lane, fully automatic tray sealer.

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QX-775 Flex

This standard, fully automatic sealing system is suitable for mass production sites and fixed-quantity trays, removing the need of manual labour for a more efficient packing process.

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QX-300 Flex

This compact, semi-automatic model saves space and is ideal for lines processing a variety of different products and for retail solutions.

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QX-1100 Flex SDL

This versatile system boasts two independent lanes that can be set to different types of tray and film specifications, gas replacement conditions and operating speeds.

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