Ishida's illustrious history with packing is cemented by our continual success in the snacks industry. Our bagmakers have garnered a global reputation for producing secure, sleek and sharp packaging of an array of snack products, from crisps, to crackers, to croutons.

In combination with our multihead weighers and inspection equipment, we have produced efficient, ergonomic snacks solutions that balance supply demands with maintaining your product quality.

We offer two primary configurations - intermittent and rotary - which are adaptable to various packing options, such as 'continuous wrapping', 'simple gusset' and 'block bottom gusset'. You can therefore pick the set-up best suited to your needs.

Explore our range of bagmakers below:


Next-generation bagmaker range bringing new levels of speed and productivity

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ASTRO Series

This bagmaker ensures precise packing that enhances product appeal, producing pillow-shaped packages, making and filling bags one at a time for a perfect package.

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ATLAS Series

Boasting the world's fastest packing performance in the field, our ATLAS series of bagmakers posits Ishida as world-leading in the snacks industry.

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Compact Bagmaker i-UP 8000

i-UP 8000, a compact bagmaker combines bag making, wrapping and sealing in one simultaneous operation, using low-cost polyethylene film.

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