An integrated management system can make the flow of your production line much smoother. Ishida systems create an even flow that is easy to follow and fix - any time, any place.

By automating and connecting all levels of your business, from the start of the production line to the point of sale, you can create a comprehensive picture of your business that remains in your control.

Explore our range of products below:


The IDCS II collects data from every pack that has passed through your Ishida checkweigher and integrated metal detectors, generating impactful graphic displays and reports with a wide range of profitable uses.

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Data gathering system to visualize the productivity and ensure traceability for the precise quality control.

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Scale Link Pro 5

SLP-5 is a powerful computer-based program that integrates into new or existing computer networks using a PC server, multi-store centralized host or single P.C, providing effective store management.

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