Dried Fruit  

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With Ishida as your partner you can tap into world-class expertise in handling and packing a vast range of dried fruit products, from raisins, berries, dates, figs and mangoes, to semi-dried apricots and fruit-rich cereal mixes.

Our worldwide dried fruit installed base includes multihead weighers, both circular (automatic) and linear (semi-automatic), with a wide variety of mechanisms for moving the product, including gravity, vibration and spiral screw. We also offer a specially formatted dates system, which can be used as a solution for other sticker dried fruits

Challenges we have enabled our customers to profitably overcome include:

  • Moving even the stickiest fruit through the packing process at industry-leading speeds

  • Providing economical routes to the exact pack type your market favours, including all tray and bag formats

  • Production of fruit mixtures and fruit-cereal mixtures by highly accurate mix-weighing

  • Perfect placement of product in pre-formed and thermoformed trays, often using custom-built weigher-to-pack distribution systems

Ishida also offers you all the product handling and infeed systems needed to serve your weigher, as well as downstream equipment ranging from weigher-to-pack distribution systems, tray packing, sealing, labelling and inspecting, and casepacking.

To find out more about our dried fruit solutions, please contact your local Ishida office.


This premade pouch bagmaker is for small applications, and features smart functions that make operation simple and efficient.

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IX-GN Series

7-stage image analysis enables this model to perform high-sensitivity detection of the widest range of foreign matter.

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Dates System

A multihead weigher from Ishida's RV Series, adapted specifically to handle the stickiness of dates and combined with one of our weigher-to-pack distribution systems.

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