Special applications  

At Ishida, we believe in providing the solution to your exact needs on the production line.

We are aware that traditional circular multihead weighers are not always the perfect fit, which is why we have developed a range of special weighers for a variety of manufacturing needs.

Utilising the same sophisticated technology of our flagship range, these weighers are specially built to solve your production concern, be it a lower-than-average target weight or a tricky product texture.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Weigher

This multihead weigher contributes to fixed-quantity packaging of farm produce, from oranges and lemons, to potatoes and taro.

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Cherry Tomato Weigher

This weigher is catered to the delicate nature of cherry tomatoes, creating a balance between optimal automation and reduction of product damage to maintain operation speeds.

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Dry Pasta Weigher

We can offer the optimum application for the various sizes, shapes and characteristics (breakability) of dry pasta.

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Rotary Sweeper

Ideal for salad leaves and similar applications, the rotary sweeper is a support device that assists product transfer for weighers without screws or semi-automatic operation.

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Cheese Weigher

Ishida's cheese weigher complies with the USDA Dairy Standard, maintaining flawless hygiene levels to keep the risk of bacterial growth in machines handling cheese and other dairy products to an absolute minimum.

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Dates System

A multihead weigher from Ishida's RV Series, adapted specifically to handle the stickiness of dates and combined with one of our weigher-to-pack distribution systems.

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NES-R Series

This automatic weigher for small-scale applications reduces labour costs through its pre-programming function for weighing values and conditions.

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Stick Weighers

Ishida's stick weigher steps in for products that are difficult for regular weighers to handle, delivering stick-shaped products ready and aligned in the bag for the wrapper.

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Mix Weigher

Ishida multi-mix and multi-outlet solutions maximise profitability for free-flowing product lines. Handle up to 8 different products with Ishida’s world-leading 16-32 head weighers

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Confectionery Weighers

Ishida provides automated weighing for various confectionery products including gummy sweets and boiled sweets which are considered difficult to handle.

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Cut-gate Weighers

This system employs cut-gate control for the accurate weighing of granular products, dramatically reducing product damage and giveaway.

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