Seal Testers and Leak Detection  

The seal tester is an essential part of any quality control process in packing lines, and Ishida have long provided reliable, sensitive and non-destructive systems to detect leaks in bags and trays.

Our seal testers for bags can handle a wide range of materials. They can detect the smallest of pinholes with special brushes smoothing the bags before testing to further optimise plate contact.

Tray leaks are an important cause of contamination and of returns from retailers. Our tray seal testers offer an unsurpassed level of reliability across a wide variety of styles, materials and sizes.

With Ishida, you can create a comprehensive quality control centre by combining a seal tester with a fully-fledged vision system as an option with your machine, as well as a checkweigher with integrated metal detection.

Explore our range below:

두께 및 씰 검사기 TSC-AS

높은 정확도로 공기 누출 및 팩 두께를 검사합니다.

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Inspects air leakage and pack thickness with high accuracy.

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The Ishida AirScan offers a solid quality-assurance plank in building your reputation and your business. Applications suitable for its technolog range from fresh meat to cured meats, seafood, pasta, cheese, salad and ready meals.

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Vision Systems

Integrated with our seal tester, the Vision system interfaces with your production line to accurately inspect all product labels and ensure only products with error-free packaging continue through for packing and shipping

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