Processed Meat  


Ishida's substantial experience with processed meats has led to us developing the best solutions for ham, sausage and other processed meats in the industry.

The greatest challenge to the meat industry, as providers of the staple part of many people's diets, is to offer portions of varying number and size to suit all households of the highest quality. We can ensure accurately and neatly sorted packs of meats in a range of pack styles from shrink-wrapped sausages to salami.

Our graders, seal testers, and quality control machinery all combine to make robust, hygienic solutions that handle your meats to pinpoint accuracy, exactly as you specify.

See below our best performing machinery for the processed meats sector. Alternatively, you can contact your local Ishida office to find out more.

IX-G2 Series

This next generation model is capable of detecting the smallest of foreign bodies by combining a dual energy sensor with GA technology.

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RV Series

This top-of-the-range system is capable of high-speed, high-accuracy operations, due to its computing capacity of up to 210 wpm.

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This compact unit provides the comprehended solution in the production line, contributing to minimum downtime.

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cosmo-one Series

Our top-range system combines unrivalled sensitivity with technologically advanced and ergonomically designed features for simple set up and use.

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The IDCS II collects data from every pack that has passed through your Ishida checkweigher and integrated metal detectors, generating impactful graphic displays and reports with a wide range of profitable uses.

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Incorporating developed functions that ensure only precise weight checks of every product, the DACS-GN surpasses previous quality control standards set by other checkweigher models.

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QX-775 Flex

This standard, fully automatic sealing system is suitable for mass production sites and fixed-quantity trays, removing the need of manual labour for a more efficient packing process.

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QX-300 Flex

This compact, semi-automatic model saves space and is ideal for lines processing a variety of different products and for retail solutions.

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Fresh Food Weighers

Semi-automatic weighers employ manual infeed to separate and break up tangled or lumped products when introduced to the production line.

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X-Ray Inspection System with Conveyor

Adopting a platform-shaped conveyor, this X-ray inspection system can correctly convey loose or bulk products without giveaway or error.

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