Optimise your distribution systems with Ishida’s engineering power

Ishida has accumulated years of experience in proposing and creating optimum layouts for the logistics field, using the latest developments in manufacturing machinery to ensure the most efficient operations.

We can solve many and varied issues, from labour shortages, to high-level demands from vendors, to ensuring accuracy with large-mix small-quantity shipping.

  • Transfer-type distribution centre

    Flexibility that matches your workload

    Transfer-type distribution centres dispatch combined deliveries for single chains or multiple identical shops. Ishida’s solutions can:

    • Increase productivity during incoming goods inspection and shop assorting.
    • Provide product-based digital shop assorting to prevent mistakes in lists or in delivery destination.
    • Allow for the application of flexible assorting methods, which can be adapted to match product volumes as they change.

    In line with the recent enhancement of wireless LAN environments we now also offer displays that can be used in a wireless environment. As long as the area has a wireless LAN, shop assorting work can be performed regardless of location.


    Colour display showing the number of products to fill in

  • Warehouse-type centre

    Fully integrated solutions for the entire distribution process

    Ishida’s warehouse solutions help improve operating precision and productivity across the production line, including the temporary storage of goods prior to shipping and delivery of goods to their destination based on shipping instructions.

    Precise picking with the right variation and number

    Saimaru Pick is a display system used for shop-based product picking, removing the need for lists to improve accuracy and speed.

    Picking carts are fitted with scales, capable of checking multiple destinations using bar-codes, as well as confirming amounts based on the weight of single articles.

    A label printer is additionally fitted to print labels for shipping and content description.


    Picking cart with multiple weighing feature