Ready Meals  

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To meet the rapidly growing demand for ready meals and convenience foods across the globe, Ishida has built an unrivalled body of expertise and some of the world's most advanced production lines.

From specially adapted multihead weighers, to inspecting complex and simple product mixes, we have an in-depth understanding of your requirements that meet the highest retail standards. Ishida also offers a smaller-scale semi-automatic weigher, that can be easily integrated into your production line to accurately portion and check ready meals after manufacturing.

With Ishida, you are guaranteed exact portioning of all components, from meat to vegetables, pasta to sauces; full flexibility that enables rapid product and pack changeovers as and when needed; and improved pack presentation with elongated shelf life.

See below our best-performing machinery in the ready meals and convenience foods sector, or contact your local Ishida office for more information.

Vision Systems

Integrated with our seal tester, the Vision system interfaces with your production line to accurately inspect all product labels and ensure only products with error-free packaging continue through for packing and shipping

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Fresh Food Weighers

Semi-automatic weighers employ manual infeed to separate and break up tangled or lumped products when introduced to the production line.

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Compact Semi-Automatic Weighers

This multihead weigher is ideal for the automated weighing of ready meals and pre-cut vegetables, effectively cutting manpower and improving production line efficiency.

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QX-1100 Flex SDL

This versatile system boasts two independent lanes that can be set to different types of tray and film specifications, gas replacement conditions and operating speeds.

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