Put-to-Light system  


Accomplish error-free process to improve productivity

ISHIDA Put-to-Light system shows the quantity demanded for each work-order with intuitive colour signals to accomplishes a quicky and good - accurate sortation process.

Speedy operation

Clear colour indicator on racks turns on and indicates the quantities of products to process. Operator just follows the signs on a rack. No need to check a work-order list at each process so that it minimizes total working - hours as much as possible. What's more, no handheld terminal anymore, so operator work with the use of both hands. 

Simple "Two" steps

  • Approach a rack with a lighted signal
  • Put the displayed quantity of items and press the button to complete


Good work accuracy

Reduces errors caused by misreading a work-order list or putting the wrong product, improving the accuracy of sorting work. This also minimizes the process time, the rick of rework and reduces operating cost. 


No more work while checking a work-order list. It is easy for anyone to understand regardless of their age or native language. Simple and easy-to-understand tasks can be carried out to a high standard by inexperienced operators from day one, even during busy periods.

Customers' choice

Ishida offers total solutions and reliable maintenance systems valued by numerous customers. Our systems are in operation across the convenience store market, where we hold a considerable share. We take pride in our extensive track record and experience. 

Our strength lies in total solutions — from operations to full warehouse design

Ishida develops systems tailored to each customer, suggesting optimal solutions for your on-site operations. Aside from digital displays, we also propose entire warehouse designs and solutions to improve efficiency throughout the warehouse using labellers, electronic shelf labels and more.

i-Saimaru Single-color Indicator

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Compact Bagmaker i-UP 8000
Compact Bagmaker i-UP 8000

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