Farms and Ports  

Products for Farms and Ports

Ishida is proud to offer machinery suitable for all businesses in the food industry, including the very start of the supply chain.

We have long co-operated with agricultural businesses and fisheries in Japan to help with harvesting and sorting raw, natural food products, ready to pack, label and go to market. We provide a range of specialised graders, weighers and inspection machinery, developed specifically for the farm industries, to ensure this process runs smoothly.

From crops and grain to freshly caught fish, Ishida can help farms and ports get their products quickly and efficiently to shop floors and stores, while ensuring they are presented at the highest retail standards.

See below our best performing machinery for farms and ports, or alternatively contact your local Ishida office for more information on our specifications.

IX-G2 Series

This next generation model is capable of detecting the smallest of foreign bodies by combining a dual energy sensor with GA technology.

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Flex Grader

This grader is effective for handling individual pieces, ensuring the correct size and shape is selected every time.

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Incorporating developed functions that ensure only precise weight checks of every product, the DACS-GN surpasses previous quality control standards set by other checkweigher models.

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Cherry Tomato Weigher

This weigher is catered to the delicate nature of cherry tomatoes, creating a balance between optimal automation and reduction of product damage to maintain operation speeds.

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Rotary Sweeper

Ideal for salad leaves and similar applications, the rotary sweeper is a support device that assists product transfer for weighers without screws or semi-automatic operation.

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