Multihead Weighers  

Developing the first ever multihead weigher in 1972, Ishida can lay claim to starting the "Weighing revolution", transforming production lines forever.

Today, machines are essential for the efficient weighing of different fixed-quantity pack products seen in your local supermarkets, and Ishida's systems have become the international standard, accounting for approximately 50% of the global market and 75% of the Japanese market.

Through our innovation, multihead weighers have significantly improved business productivity by achieving full automation, boasting speeds of up to 210 weighments per minute and accuracy of 0.5-1.0 grams.

  • Weighing and calculation combined: the principle behind computer combination weighing

    Ishida's multihead weighers use a computer combination weighing (CCW) system, which we were first in the world to use. The combination weighing system is based on the following procedure:

    1. The product is distributed into groups of separate quantities, which are then individually weighed in their hoppers.

    2. A computer calculates combinations of the weights in each hopper, and selects the combination which is nearest to, but not lower than, the set target weight.

    3. The chosen hoppers' product is released and collected for packing.


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RV Series

This top-of-the-range system is capable of high-speed, high-accuracy operations, due to its computing capacity of up to 210 wpm.

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RS/RVE Series

This mid-range system with a wide range of potential variations and options that make it the best choice for diverse production lines.

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SE Series

By focusing on simple functionality and outstanding operability, this machine delivers entry-level excellence.

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