Counter Top Scales  

Ishida has accumulated vast experience gained by athorough analysis of global working environments, applying all our know-how to making our counter top scales more accurate and efficient.

Through listening to and building trust with our diverse customers over the years, Ishida has devised a large number of counter top scale variations, taking into account the different features required of weigh-and-price registers for every store and their industry.

Explore our UNI-Series of counter-top scales below:


Our top-of-the-range scales boast a double-screen design and sleek, compact structure, making weighing and paying incredibly simple.

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Responsive and vivid color touchscreen with its nature of flexibility fits perfectly for versatile retail environment. UNI-8’s fast printing and top facing printer help proceed the repetitive operations and serving customers.

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This counter top scale offers superior networking options, allowing you to access any information the customer may want at the touch of a button.

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Boasting impressive functionality despite a compact size, this counter top scale gives supermarkets the versatility they need in a working day to serve their customers.

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These scales provide quick, reliable weighing and labelling for fresh produce, perfect for the fast-paced environment of the market.

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