Five Weighing Wonders


Since developing the world's first multihead weigher in 1972, Ishida has continued to innovate and provide better solutions based on listening to customers. We introduce specialty weighers filled with Ishida's unique technology and high expertise, based on the experience that we have delivered over 50,000 units to factories all over the world. Every weigher is equipped with unique specifications tailored to the characteristics of the application, offering high productivity and stable operation.

1. Weigh-Blending Wonder | Precisely mix and weigh multi product blends

Ishida has a range of specially designed mix weighing solutions with 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 weighing heads, which enable up to eight different components to be mix-weighed so consistent amounts of each ingredient are included in each portion of the mix.

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2. Micro Wonder | 0.01g Minimum Graduation

The micro weigher handles high-value, ultra-low target weight application such as spices, herbs, seeds and tea leaves at unsurpassed accuracy and speeds. The smallest foot print weigher also saves valuable floor space.

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3. Compact Weighing Wonder | Short drop heights for fragile products

The compact Linear weigher has designed to minimized the effect on a products handling. High performance in a small space without complex infeed arrangements, and reduces drop distances is kept low minimized breakage.

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4. Gentle Weighing Wonder | Handle fragile products

Ishida has a range of specially designed to weigh your products gently at high speed and with fewer breakages. Arrangement of the product transfer allows very precise products flow control.

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5. Powerful Weighing Wonder | High performance screw feeding

The screw feeders enable to automate weighing of fresh and sticky product in no-stop with consistent accuracy. 

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