X-Ray Inspection Systems  

Ishida maintains its position as industry leader with the IX Series - top-of-the-range X-ray inspection systems that can detect foreign bodies of the lowest densities, greatly outperforming more conventional models on the market.

The IX Series is unique in the industry for using Ishida-patented “Genetic Algorithms” (GA) in its image processing technology. Fully adaptable to your specific applications, GA will ensure a thorough inspection of your product for the full spectrum of foreign bodies at unrivalled sensitivity levels.

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With the IX Series, we can guarantee:

  • Complete peace of mind for your product quality

  • Continuing growth of loyal customers to your brand

  • Complete records of all production data, allowing you to stay on top of your production line

10 Tips to select the right X-ray system

The decision to purchase X-ray inspection equipment can be daunting for food producers. After deciding what product the machine will handle and the function the machine will be responsible for, there are still a number of important factors to consider. Read on for a quick run-down of the top 10 considerations when choosing an X-ray inspection system.


1. Generators

Within an X-ray machine, the generator produces the X-rays that are transmitted through the product and foreign bodies. The higher its specifications, the better the machine’s performance – and the greater the quality of inspection.

2. Line sensors

While most machines just have one sensor, multiple sensors, provide greater contrasting images – this is useful in applications such as poultry, where there are low differences in density between the product and the foreign body.

IX-G2 dual energy sensors

3. Pixels

Just as you get pixels in digital cameras, you’ll find them in line sensors. The more and smaller the pixels, the better the resolution.

4. Rejection

The size and weight of your products, as well as how fast you want to make the inspection process, will factor into your decision. Either way, this mechanism is vital for getting rid of bad products.

5. Certification

There is a case that a notification or a registration to government agency is required on importing or installing X-ray units. Guidelines depend on the country, please ask to ISHIDA local office for details.

6. Software

This has a huge impact on the internal adoption of X-ray technology. You should ask how easy the machine is to use and how quickly the pre-sets can be set up? 

7. Imaging software

We’ve all seen those grainy X-ray images that might show a foreign object…possibly? When the density of the product and foreign body are close, machine hardware can struggle, however software can be then used to enhance images.

X-ray image of wieners_1

8. Application support

The results from X-ray inspection are dependent on the objects imaged. So, it’s important to work with an organisation that knows your sector, and can help you align your equipment to your application.

9. Training

While X-ray systems are not complex to understand, training is essential to build the knowledge to use them safely and compliantly. 

10. Cost of ownership

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. It’s important to assess which type of X-ray will suit your needs, along with the quality of the support, available training and the provision of ongoing service maintenance, before making a decision.


Explore our range below:

IX-G2 Series

This next generation model is capable of detecting the smallest of foreign bodies by combining a dual energy sensor with GA technology.

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IX-GN Series

7-stage image analysis enables this model to perform high-sensitivity detection of the widest range of foreign matter.

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IX-EN Series

Our cost-effective X-ray inspection system provides excellent detection sensitivity based on GA technology.

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X-Ray Inspection for Medium-Large Sized Products

The cost-effectiveness of the IX-EN now extends to larger sized products, whilst offering a smaller footprint to accommodate size restrictions.

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X-Ray Inspection System for Large Items

This X-ray inspection system provides detection sensitivity at the strength you need for boxes, cases and bulk products.

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Compact X-Ray Inspection System

The same inspection quality of our flagship IX models, contained in a smaller structure ideal for production lines with less floor space.

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IX-GN K Series

This X-ray inspection system maintains excellent detection sensitivity in the toughest operating conditions, waterproofed to enable comprehensive, thorough cleaning.

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IX-GA Series Side Beam System

This X-Ray system uses a side beam to inspect food and drink products in tall, vertical containers, such as bottles, carton packages and standing pouches.

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X-Ray Inspection System with Conveyor

Adopting a platform-shaped conveyor, this X-ray inspection system can correctly convey loose or bulk products without giveaway or error.

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