Fresh Produce  


Ishida is at the forefront of developments for the salad and fresh produce industries, consistently innovating to ensure our machinery handles fruits and vegetables more reliably, gently and accurately than ever before.

Fresh produce can present a range of challenges. Many manufacturers struggle to find a method to quickly portion, pack and transport their products to retailers while ensuring no bruising, sticking or clinging, particularly of larger root vegetables such as potatoes and onions. We have endeavored to strike the balance between high speeds and careful automation of the production line, providing solutions that manufacturers can rely on.

This is why Ishida has specially formatted the RV Series multihead weigher for fruits and vegetables, to greater support size variations at larger target weights and minimise damage, designing customised specifications for salad, fresh fruit, vegetables and cherry tomatoes.

See below our best-performing machinery in the fresh produce sector, or to learn more about how we can optimise your production line, please contact your local Ishida office.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Weigher

This multihead weigher contributes to fixed-quantity packaging of farm produce, from oranges and lemons, to potatoes and taro.

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