Tea Leaves  

tea leaves

Being the most enduringly popular drink worldwide, Ishida has worked closely with many tea manufacturers to ensure high-quality, precisely sorted leaves.

Tea leaves appear deceptively simple, but are often handled in large volumes to create enough mass for machinery to recognise and can have wildly varied properties from flavour to flavour. 

Solving these challenges has proven successful for Ishida. The vastly improved and consistent sensitivity of our multihead weighers has simplified the process of obtaining precise weights of tea leaves, with our micro weighers being capable of even lower gradations than our flagship series.

See below our best-performing machinery for the tea leaf industry, or alternatively you can contact your local Ishida office to find out more about our specifications.


Micro Weighers

Still providing world-class weighing speeds, this is the ideal multihead weigher for applications with small target weights, such as tea leaves, dried soup mixes, seasonings, tablets and capsules.

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