Potato Chips  

Working with some of the world's leading snacks producers, Ishida understands the challenges to deliver potato chips (crisps) in a bag with maximum taste and minimal breakage or dust.

Helping you pack up to an impressive 300 bags per minute, Ishida's snacks solutions deliver efficiently packed, accurately weighed bags time after time to exactly the standard you require, striaght from the flavour drum through to the auto case packer ready for boxing.

Our twin-tube iTPS (Integrated Total Packaging System) is proof of our commitment to providing complete production lines that never leave our customers lacking.

We can also integrate inspection systems that check for foreign bodies, identify the smallest leaks and fully test the integrity of your seals.

Please contact your local Ishida office to find out what we can do for your potato chips line today.


RV Series

This top-of-the-range system is capable of high-speed, high-accuracy operations, due to its computing capacity of up to 210 wpm.

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Incorporating developed functions that ensure only precise weight checks of every product, the DACS-GN surpasses previous quality control standards set by other checkweigher models.

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Next-generation bagmaker range bringing new levels of speed and productivity

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TSC-RS2 Series / TSC-RVS Series

A pivotal part of our snacks systems, this seal checker guarantees only the highest quality packs progress to your retailers, able to coordinate with high speed packing lines.

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