Bread Snacks  

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Bread snacks can vary in size from long bread sticks that require specially designed equipment, to small bread croutons that run on a standard design.

The challenge is to gently handle fragile bread products to reduce breakage so the customer receives a high quality pack with uniform pieces.

The crumbs from the product can also get trapped in packaging seals which can lead to leaking packs. Our snacks solutions are specially constructed to convey breakable products to their package completely intact and evenly distributed. In particular, our specialised stick weigher solution can handle easily-fractured bread sticks and similar, thanks to devised angles and sizes that cater to their size and shape.

Contact your local Ishida office to discuss any specific packaging issues for your snacks product.

ASTRO Series

This bagmaker ensures precise packing that enhances product appeal, producing pillow-shaped packages, making and filling bags one at a time for a perfect package.

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