Biscuits and Bakery  

Ishida rises to the challenge of accurately weighing and packing your baked goods, offering a variety of solutions that can preserve shape and texture, prevent chips or breakages, and maintain a operable flow for both fragile and non-fragile products alike.

Product damage can significantly reduce your return on investment in the baked goods sector, which is why Ishida offer specially formatted machinery to suit your product's properties, from frozen breads to delicate wafers. We suppress the falling speed of the product with clever engineering, eliminating giveaway and damage caused by collisions or trapping within the machine parts. This ensures that you can deliver perfectly formed, intact goods to your customer.

From checkweighing dough (and measuring moisture content) to thorough inspections systems for even the most dense, ingredient-rich biscuits, we have in-depth expertise in all aspects of production to satisfy your needs.

See below our best performing machinery for the biscuits and bakery sector, or alternatively you can contact your local Ishida office for a consultation.


Gentle Slope Weighers

Designed to handle fragile products, this weigher provides the same full automation and performance of our flagship models, adjusted to prevent product damage which could occur.

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