Covid-19 Business Situation Update 21st April 2020


Our own business situation post Easter has stabilised as we have adjusted quickly to the general situation which faces us all. Due to the loyal support of our own people and our supply partners, we continue to deliver the build schedule and support you with service and spares. The Easter break allowed some of our people who previously were self-isolating to return to work, so our operating capacity has improved by 10%.


On the supply side, several of our partners have picked up work previously placed elsewhere which is much appreciated as it has replenished the stores. At present we feel even better-placed to support you through this difficult crisis.


Further to the last communication and as expected, Japan has now moved from safety measures in 7 prefectures to nationwide application. They have also advised they will be kept in place until the 7th May. At present, none of these are expected to or have affected Ishida Japan’s ability to service customers but we are monitoring the situation closely and will advise if there is a change in circumstances.


Finally, I would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and for continuing to place orders with us. Our strong financial position and current order intake means that we haven’t needed to furlough any employees and we can maintain our commitments to our customers in delivering the goods and services, as expected. Our people are working remotely at home to successfully meet your needs. We have implemented comprehensive health and safety measures to look after our colleagues working on site and at our customers’ in these exceptional circumstances. Through frequent internal communications we are reassuring people and looking after their wellbeing. In these difficult times, we are proud to be supporting you and our people.


Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your current contact at Ishida Europe or alternatively email us at


Dave Tiso

Managing Director

Ishida Europe ltd