Fresh Meat  


Working with customers worldwide, Ishida has made the automated packing of fresh meat - from chops to steaks, minced or diced - a simpler, more profitable proposition.

Ishida leads the way in weighing and packing technology, keeping even the stickiest fresh meat moving at speeds previously thought unattainable in many cases. We achieve this while also increasing accuracy, improving yields and reducing giveaway.

Ishida has also designed and built advanced integrated tray-packing lines, adaptable with thermoforming or ready-made trays. All materials and formats are offered, including the popular Mirabella® pack.

See below our best-performing machinery in the fresh meat sector. Alternatively, you can contact your local Ishida office to find out more about our meat solutions and specifications.

Fresh Food Weighers

Industry leading fresh and sticky product weigher, for accurate weighing and the improved flow of sticky foods.

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