Whether they produce the stickiest jellies or the noisiest boiled sweets, Ishida has worked successfully with many of the big names in confectionery worldwide to optimise their production line.

The types of confectionery worldwide are many and varied, with manufacturers requiring specialist engineering to ensure their treats are carefully handled, precisely sorted and neatly presented in eye-catching packaging.

Our bespoke solutions can tackle the array of challenges presented by the sugary and sticky nature of confectionary. Whether reducing damage to corrosvie coatings during weighing and packing, or maintaining the movement of candies with difficult textures, we can create the specification you need. Our high speed weighers in particular are the optimal choice for guaranteeing optimal accuracy and product quality at faster rates.

See below our best performing machinery for the confectionary sector, or alternatively contact your local Ishida office to find out more about what we can do for you.


Our latest development is the fastest, toughest, smartest and greenest multihead weigher in our range, ideal for dry, fresh and frozen food packaging.

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Our entry-level multihead weighers, typically used for dry applications including snacks, confectionery, biscuits and pasta.

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Linear Weighers

Ideal or free-flowing, low target weights of dry or frozen products

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Mix Weigher

A convenient machine for a convenience-heavy food industry, the mix weigher is the fast and reliable solution for creating product mixes, including fresh or frozen produce, confectionery and cereals.

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Ishida Proves a Good Sport for Variety Chocolate Pack

An Ishida packing system featuring a 24-head multihead weigher is providing speed and accuracy in the production of mixed packs of Ritter Sport cubes at leading food logistics and packer Nagel Group.

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Getting the Mixture Eggs-actly Right: Contract Packer Chooses Ishida

When Hensen GmbH needed to fulfil an Easter egg packing order that involved mixing different colours, it chose an Ishida R-Series weigher that could handle an impressive range of products.

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Ishida Speed and Accuracy Boosts Production

The installation of an Ishida multihead weigher at leading confectionery manufacturer Cloetta’s factory in San Pietro in Casale, Italy, has increased production efficiencies by over 10% compared to the company’s previous packing operation, equating to an additional 250kg of product packed every shift.

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