Integrated Solutions  

Flex Line

Ishida, leading the way in single-source supply

Ishida has developed many reliable, world-leading integrated solutions, thanks to its strong R&D resources and the commitment of hundreds of talented engineers who daily handle a worldwide installed base of food packing applications.

Working hand-in-hand with food production

Dedicated to a given food-type, an Ishida integrated packing system can interact fully with your production. Packing parameters can adjust to what is happening upstream and vice versa, moving you a step closer to the holy grail of full integration.

Packing is at the forefront of food production line integration

For some food production lines, the packing system has developed to a point where it can be purchased as a ‘unit’ that will bolt smoothly onto the food preparation section.  Each such system can be controlled from a single point, such as a touchscreen.

Friendly software that adds capabilities and enhances integration

We have the reliable and compatible software needed to link into your data storage and reporting systems and to improve your process control. See further information about our software solutions Sentinel and IDCS

Benefit fully from our strength ‘on the ground’

Ishida can assist you at all stages, from specification through project management and installation to ongoing operation, where we offer a range of service contracts.

Few manufacturers can offer our level of local support throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in addition to central resources across EMEA and worldwide.

An ever-developing picture

Below is a selection of integrated, single manufacturer solutions from Ishida. Since we are installing new applications around the world practically 24/7, new possibilities arise all the time. Do consult our Solutions Department about your specific application.