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User-friendly, high-capability programs that make an impact on efficiency and profitability

These days advances in automation engineering go hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art software development.

Around the world, Ishida has teams of talented software developers, many of them also engineers. All have experienced the realities of shop-floor production across many product applications. They work to the highest industry standards, ensuring that their programs are user-friendly and compatible with all widely-used software, from Word to SCADA.

Their achievements range from better co-ordination of multihead weighers with upstream cut-up operations to improvements in traceability and refinements of techniques such as X-ray inspection.

This experience makes them uniquely qualified to develop outstanding stand-alone software packages, with major benefits for businesses. It is reflected in a growing base of enthusiastic users.

Ishida software packages currently include those shown below. Please click through for further information on the ones that interest you.

Ishida Sentinel™

Ishida SENTINEL is a system for monitoring production line status and performance across a wide range of Ishida equipment.

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Ishida IDCS Data Capture System

Ishida IDCS (Ishida Data Capture System) offers mining and deployment of data for maximum profitability

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Ishida Expert

Ishida Expert is an ‘on-the-job’ training system in the use of multihead weighers.

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Ishida Solution Preserves Fresh Meat Taste

An Ishida Screw Feeder multihead weigher has enabled a major Finnish meat company to pack sticky fresh meat rapidly into trays without resorting to ‘excessive’ chilling, which has the important benefit of preserving the product taste.

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Fruit Gourmet Leaves Nothing to Chance with Ishida Xray

Fruit specialist Fruit Gourmet has selected an Ishida X-ray inspection system from Ishida Europe for enhanced quality control. The decision to install the Ishida machine follows the success of Ishida multihead weighers at the site.

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Popular Products


Where precision checkweighing at speeds of up to 600 packs per minute is needed, Ishida Advance-Line checkweighers offer the ideal solution

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Atlas Bagmaker

High performance, high speed bagmaker for snacks

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Carton-Line checkweighers are ideal for the inspection of boxes and bags of up to 60kg for weight compliance and to detect where items are missing.

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The Ishida DACS-G range of checkweighers offer considerable improvements in speed, while using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to maintain or improve accuracy.

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Multi-Purpose Screw Feeder Weigher

Screw feeder weigher for meat and poultry, sticky ready meals, cooked rice and pasta.

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QX-1100 Flex

Single and twin lanes available for optimum packing speeds.

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