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We like to keep our customers informed of the latest news and developments at Ishida.

Covid-19 Business Situation Update 15th June 2020 | 15/06/2020

As changes to lockdown rules are now starting to come into place across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Ishida Europe remains committed to its people’s safety and its customers’ satisfaction.

Covid-19 Business Situation Update 4th May 2020 | 04/05/2020

Since my last update on the 21st April we have maintained our focus on supporting our customers in this challenging situation and have made further small improvements to the operating capabilities whilst continuing with our safe working practices.

Covid-19 Business Situation Update 21st April 2020 | 21/04/2020

Our own business situation post Easter has stabilised as we have adjusted quickly to the general situation which faces us all.

Covid-19 Business Situation Update 9th April 2020 | 09/04/2020

The business situation across EMEA seems to have settled down into respecting the protective measures for us all, while providing the vital food supply needed to sustain the critical demand.

Covid-19 Business Situation Update 3rd April 2020 | 03/04/2020

Further to our communications so far, we continue to monitor the developing Covid-19 situation and respond to our customer’s needs

Covid-19 Business Situation Update 27th March 2020 | 27/03/2020

In relation to the current Covid-19 situation, Ishida is committed to acting in a responsible manner ensuring a ‘duty of care’ to our people, our customers and our communities, whilst endeavouring to continually provide customer satisfaction.

Covid-19 Business Situation Update | 17/03/2020

In relation to the current Covid-19 situation, Ishida is committed to acting in a responsible manner ensuring a ‘duty of care’ to our people, our customers and our communities, whilst endeavouring to continually provide customer satisfaction.

Food Packaging vs. Waste | 14/01/2020

A round table debate organised by Aston University and Ishida Europe, will discuss the inherent challenges for the food industry of meeting the need to minimise food waste while utilising the most sustainable packaging solution.

Customised Weighing and Quality Control for Individual Packet Soups | 10/07/2019

A customised multihead weigher and X-ray inspection system from Ishida are major components of a new packing line for instant dried soups.

Senior Sales Appointment at Ishida Europe | 03/07/2019

Packing line solutions specialist Ishida Europe has appointed Mike Cairns as Sales Director, Core Products, to help drive the business on its next stage of international growth.

Multihead Weigher Helps Amidori to Grow | 24/06/2019

A German manufacturer of a new type of vegetable protein has achieved a fivefold increase in output following the installation of a multihead weighing solution from Ishida Europe.

Ishida X-Ray Ensures Highest Quality and Safety Standards for Diced Potatoes | 17/04/2019

An Ishida IX-GN 4043 x-ray inspection system is delivering the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy in order to meet the stringent quality standards of leading fresh prepared potato processor Swancote Foods.

White Paper Helps Dairy Processors Ensure Food Safety | 05/04/2019

Solutions to help dairy processors focused on their brand integrity meet the highest food safety and quality standards are outlined in a new White Paper from packing line specialist Ishida Europe.

Partnership Approach Seals Success at Plaza Foods | 20/03/2019

The versatility of Ishida’s market leading QX Flex tray sealers and the quality of its sales and service are all major factors in the long term working relationship between Ishida Europe and Plaza Foods.

Ishida Launches Specialist Hardware Multihead Weighers | 18/02/2019

Ishida Europe has extended its range of application-specific Sector Solutions multihead weighers with the introduction of models designed to handle a variety of hardware products such as nuts, bolts, screws and plastic parts.

QC Demonstration Centre Is Wide-Ranging in its Capabilities | 13/02/2019

Ishida Europe has opened a dedicated Quality Control Demonstration Centre at its UK headquarters in Woodgate, Birmingham, that showcases the company’s entire range of quality control and inspection equipment.

Weighing Accuracy is a Cereal Winner for Sante | 21/01/2019

Ishida weighing technology is delivering the pinpoint accuracy that is enabling Poland's leading manufacturer of cereals to achieve excellent productivity and brand consistency.

X-Ray Models Ideal for Large Items | 13/12/2018

Ishida Europe has extended its range of x-ray inspection systems with the launch of two models specifically designed for larger size products and pack formats.

Ishida Snacks Solution Delivers High Speeds for Small Bags | 20/11/2018

Ishida’s longstanding experience in the development of snacks packaging solutions has been the critical factor in enabling one of the Czech Republic’s leading snacks manufacturers to achieve the high packing speeds.

Ishida’s Gentle Solution for Stick Snack Products | 01/11/2018

Ishida’s ability to devise universally available solutions for specific products and applications has been underlined by the introduction of a new multihead weigher into its Sector Solutions range.

Ishida FlexGrader Increases Throughput | 18/10/2018

The installation of two Ishida FlexGraders at leading Hungarian poultry processor Tranzit Food has enabled the company to nearly double capacity with the same number of line operators.

Ishida Provides Ideal Solution for Salad Weighing | 04/09/2018

Ishida technology is helping to ensure the fast and accurate weighing of Mâche, a traditional French salad product from the Nantes region, into thermoformed trays.

Ishida Showcases its Solutions Approach | 24/07/2018

The latest developments in multihead weighing, traysealing and inspection systems will be showcased by Ishida Europe at this year’s PPMA Show.

Checkweigher Versatility and Flexibility for Cereal Bars | 09/07/2018

An Ishida DACS-G checkweigher is delivering fast speeds, ease of use and excellent reliability, providing a final weight confirmation for multipacks of granola bars and cookies at leading Netherlands cereal bar manufacturer Ravensbergen Food BV.

Ishida X-Ray Ensures High Quality for Sausage Exports | 20/06/2018

An X-ray inspection system from Ishida is enabling leading German meat and sausage manufacturer Goldschmaus Natur to meet the highest quality standards required for the export of its Frankfurter sausages to Japan.

New Weigher Ideal for Fragile Products | 05/06/2018

Ishida Europe has introduced 10 and 14 head multihead weighers especially designed to deliver fast and accurate weighing of fragile products such as biscuits, wafers and frozen items.

Line Delivers High Accuracy for Fixed-Weight Vegetable Packs | 22/05/2018

Leading Swiss vegetable producer Gastro Star AG is able to pack fresh convenience vegetables in fixed weight packs, sometimes with very low quantities, while minimising product giveaway.

Ishida Technology Supports Snacks Success and Growth | 15/05/2018

A leading Slovakian snacks producer is benefitting from an integrated packing line solution from Ishida Europe that is enabling the company to meet growing global demand for its unique range of organic and allergen-free snacks.

Ishida Solution Solves Problem of Water Ingress for Fresh and Frozen Weighing Applications | 01/05/2018

Ishida Europe has introduced an internal moisture sensor and monitoring system for its latest multihead weighers, which will enable fresh and frozen food producers to more easily control and prevent water ingress into their critical production equipment.

All-Seeing X-Ray Enhances Quality Assurance | 18/04/2018

The extensive detection capabilities of Ishida’s IX-GA 2475 X-ray inspection system are helping to ensure high quality and extended shelf life of a range of delicatessen products from one of Belgium’s leading poultry processors.

Ishida and Heat and Control Announce Enhanced Co-Operation | 05/04/2018

Ishida and Heat and Control are establishing a stronger collaborative alliance to provide food industry customers with full “end to end” processing and packaging solutions.

Traysealer Boosts Efficiencies for Chilled Potato Dumplings | 26/03/2018

The installation of an Ishida QX-775 traysealer at specialist potato processor Friweika eG has enabled the company to boost process efficiency on its fresh potato dumplings line by 25%.

Ishida AirScan Ensures MAP Quality for Gluten-Free Products | 08/02/2018

An Ishida AirScan leak detection system is helping to ensure the seal integrity of a range of gluten-free pasta and baked goods from Swiss company JOWA AG.

Guide Reveals Opportunities for Improved Profits for Poultry Processors | 07/02/2018

A new white paper from Ishida Europe explains how increased automation and in-line processing can help poultry suppliers improve profitability at a time when margins are continually being squeezed and quality and safety standards further tightened.

Ishida X-Ray Flexibility Ensures Premium Product Quality | 07/02/2018

Ishida X-ray inspection technology is helping to maintain the premium quality reputation of one of Russia's most popular traditional snack brands.

Ishida Solution Helps Maximise Poultry Yields | 06/02/2018

Three Ishida Flex Graders, supported by the company's recently-launched Sentinel advanced remote monitoring system, are helping to deliver improved accuracy and enhanced efficiencies at a leading Dutch poultry processor.

High Quality Pasta in Full Flow | 06/02/2018

Excellent accuracy and a high degree of availability are two of the benefits of a 10-head multihead weigher from Ishida, installed at Swiss fresh and frozen food product specialist Frostag Food-Centrum AG.

Ishida Weighers First Choice for Salad Success | 05/02/2018

Advanced Ishida weighing technology has played a key role in the success and growth of specialist salad producer Bryans Salads, based in Tarleton, Lancashire.

Ishida Technology Maintains Confectionery Success Story | 05/02/2018

The installation of the recently-launched Ishida CHW-210 multihead weigher at leading Nigerian biscuit and confectionery manufacturer Niger Biscuit Co Ltd has cemented a 25 years working partnership between the two businesses.

Ishida RobotGrader and Airscan Win at Debut Industry Awards | 06/11/2017

Ishida Europe’s innovative RobotGrader has been named winner of the Robotics Industrial Vision category at the debut of the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards in Dubai.

Senior Appointment Enhances Central and Eastern European Support | 01/11/2017

Leading packing line solutions specialist Ishida Europe has strengthened its senior management team with the appointment of Robert Kaluza as General Manager, Central and Eastern Europe.

New Ishida Orbicote Takes Prestigious Industry Award | 16/10/2017

Ishida Europe’s unique marination system for protein products, Orbicote, has been named Innovative Processing System of the Year at the 2017 PPMA Awards.

Ishida Flexibility Helps Fruit and Nut Success | 09/10/2017

An Ishida 14 head multihead weigher is providing the flexibility to handle a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts at many different target weights for a leading Russian snack food provider supplier FoodArt

Ishida Europe Celebrates 20 Years of UK Manufacturing | 05/10/2017

Packing line solutions specialist Ishida Europe is celebrating 20 years of manufacturing in the UK.

New Ishida Orbicote Revolutionises Marination Process | 03/10/2017

Ishida Europe has developed a unique marination system for protein products that avoids the mess and waste traditionally associated with this process, to deliver marinated products, more efficiently and consistently than before.

Cheese Quality Enhanced by Ishida X-Ray | 19/09/2017

Specialist South African cheese supplier the “Famous Brands Cheese Company” has enhanced its stringent quality control standards with the adoption of Ishida X-ray inspection technology.

Ishida X-Ray Technology Helps Karwendel Play it Safe | 13/09/2017

Leading German dairy company Karwendel-Werke Huber is ensuring outstanding product quality for its Exquisa and miree cream cheese and quark specialities with the help of eleven X-ray inspection systems from Ishida Europe.

Traditional Snacks Packed at Untraditional Speeds | 11/09/2017

The installation of four Ishida Atlas integrated multihead weigher and bagmaker combinations at leading Spanish snacks manufacturer Facundo Blanco has delivered an increase in output per line of around 30%.

Ishida Emphasises its Versatility | 05/09/2017

Ishida’s just-launched bagmaker for snacks will take centre stage at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing alongside the company’s latest developments in multihead weighers, tray sealers and advanced quality inspection systems.

Ishida X-Ray Helps Meet Dried Fruit Quality Standards | 21/08/2017

An Ishida X-ray inspection system is helping a leading Turkish dried fruit supplier meet the stringent quality standards of UK and Western European retailers.

18-Head Multihead Weigher Handles Small Packs at High Speeds | 02/08/2017

Ishida multihead weighing technology has helped to transform the packing operation of international food company Hügli’s factory in Zàsmuky in the Czech Republic with the installation of a compact 18 head Ishida multihead weigher.

Ishida RVE Multihead Weighers Raise the Bar for Mid-range Performance | 19/06/2017

Ishida is launching a new series of mid-range multihead weighers for the high performance weighing of free-flowing and semi-sticky products for a large number of dry, fresh and frozen food applications.

Yes We Can - Ishida Weigher Meets the Challenge of Hundreds of Different Products | 12/06/2017

A 12-head Fresh Food Weigher from Ishida Europe has enabled leading Belgian delicatessen producer Deldiche to handle a huge range of different products on a single machine, delivering greatly improved speed and efficiencies to the packing operation.

Ishida Helps Dried Fruit Packer Meet and Exceed the High Food Safety Requirements of Retailers | 05/06/2017

An Ishida IX-GA-4075 X-ray inspection system is providing Turkish dried fruit packer Anatolia AS with a final comprehensive quality inspection for its bulk packing operation.

Ishida Delivers Total Solution for Crisp Packing | 08/05/2017

Ishida’s global leadership in snack packing solutions is ideally demonstrated by the complete potato crisp packing line installed at leading Czech manufacturer Petr Hobža at its factory in Strážnice in the Czech Republic.

Fruit Gourmet Leaves Nothing to Chance with Ishida X-Ray | 10/04/2017

Fruit specialist Fruit Gourmet has selected an Ishida X-ray inspection system from Ishida Europe for enhanced quality control.  The decision to install the Ishida machine follows the success of Ishida multihead weighers at the site.

Gentle Ishida Solution Allows Weighing of Fragile Pasties | 03/04/2017

A special ‘gentle slope’ multihead weigher from Ishida Europe has enabled Spanish manufacturer Congalsa to enter a new market, with the introduction of tuna pasties.

Ishida Multihead Weigher Helps Frozen Products Reach a Worldwide Market | 06/03/2017

The superb performance and versatility of Ishida’s latest generation RV multihead weighers have enabled one of Hungary’s leading frozen food producers to greatly increase capacity and achieve success in export markets.

Ishida to Demonstrate Packing Solutions Versatility | 01/03/2017

The extensive range of weighing, packing and inspection solutions on show from Ishida at this year’s Interpack will underline the company’ ability to design, manufacture and install comprehensive, best-in-class packing line solutions.

Ishida Underlines Its Diversity | 16/02/2017

A multihead weigher specially designed for whole fresh produce, the latest X-ray and MAP inspection systems for enhanced quality control, and a versatile entry-level tray sealer will showcase at Empack in 's-Hertogenbosch

Quality and Accuracy for Petfood Convenience, Thanks to Ishida | 14/02/2017

An Ishida multihead weigher and X-ray inspection system are ensuring weight accuracy and quality control for a new range of single-serve cat and dog food in doypacks, produced by Italy’s leading pet food manufacturer Morando S.p.A

Versatile 24-Head Weigher Handles Mushrooms | 10/02/2017

A 24-head multihead weigher from Ishida Europe is providing excellent speed, accuracy and flexibility for Magda, the French leader in frozen wild mushrooms, to help deliver an increase in production of 30%.

Ishida Apprentice wins EEF Apprentice of the Year | 01/02/2017

An apprentice at weighing and packing equipment specialist Ishida Europe has won the main award at the prestigious Grand Final of a leading industry awards ceremony.

Propak East Africa 2017 | 27/01/2017

Ishida to showcase value-for-money weighers

Bespoke line keeps the biscuits flowing | 27/01/2017

Poppies success story