Our specifications for cheese, and similar products in the dairy industry, show Ishida's core competence for delivering exactly what our customers need.

Our specialised cheese weigher stands out as being tailored to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene throughout production, the most necessary quality for machinery in the dairy industry. Its open frame structure and stainless steel surfaces are formatted especially to meet the requirements of all dairy retailers.

We provide unique specifications of our superlative RV-Series multihead weighers to handle cheese products, which guarantee complete hygienic integrity and an ability to handle a variety of cheese textures and properties, from grated to cubed.

See below our best performing machinery for the dairy sector, or to learn more about our cheese solutions, contact your local Ishida office.

Fresh Food Weighers

Industry leading fresh and sticky product weigher, for accurate weighing and the improved flow of sticky foods.

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The accuracy, versatility and reliability of an Ishida IXGA-65100 X-ray inspection system is helping one of Greece’s leading yoghurt producers to deliver the highest levels of quality control and achieve continuing success in both national and international markets.

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Ishida Develops Weighing and Packing System for Danone Yoghurt Toppings

For Danone Hungary, Ishida and its local distributor have developed a fast and accurate approach to filling the toppings section of two-compartment yoghurts. It is based on a special linear multihead weigher and filling system.

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Innovative Leak Detection Technology Benefits MAP Quality Control

Ishida’s revolutionary AirScan inline system for detecting leaks in MAP packs has greatly enhanced the quality control procedures, as well as reducing labour costs, for a new snack product from M-Back GmbH in Germany which is being produced for dairy giant Meggle.

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