Fresh Produce  


Ishida is at the forefront of developments for the salad and fresh produce industries, consistently innovating to ensure our machinery handles fruits and vegetables more reliably, gently and accurately than ever before.

Fresh produce can present a range of challenges. Many manufacturers struggle to find a method to quickly portion, pack and transport their products to retailers while ensuring no bruising, sticking or clinging, particularly of larger root vegetables such as potatoes and onions. We have endeavored to strike the balance between high speeds and careful automation of the production line, providing solutions that manufacturers can rely on.

This is why Ishida has specially formatted the RV Series multihead weigher for fruits and vegetables, to greater support size variations at larger target weights and minimise damage, designing customised specifications for salad, fresh fruit, vegetables and cherry tomatoes.

See below our best-performing machinery in the fresh produce sector, or to learn more about how we can optimise your production line, please contact your local Ishida office.


Our latest development is the fastest, toughest, smartest and greenest multihead weigher in our range, ideal for dry, fresh and frozen food packaging.

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Ishida’s RVE-range of multihead weighers deliver excellent levels of weighing performance at a balanced price point – all with proven reliability.

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Fresh Food Weighers

Industry leading fresh and sticky product weigher, for accurate weighing and the improved flow of sticky foods.

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Mix Weigher

A convenient machine for a convenience-heavy food industry, the mix weigher is the fast and reliable solution for creating product mixes, including fresh or frozen produce, confectionery and cereals.

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Line Delivers High Accuracy for Fixed-Weight Vegetable Packs

Leading Swiss vegetable producer Gastro Star AG is able to pack fresh convenience vegetables in fixed weight packs, sometimes with very low quantities, while minimising product giveaway, thanks to a new packing line solution devised by Ishida Europe and its distributor in Switzerland Itech AG. The line is providing excellent accuracy and high availability despite frequent product changeovers, reducing operating costs and offering a fast payback.

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Ishida Provides Ideal Solution for Salad Weighing

Ishida technology is helping to ensure the fast and accurate weighing of Mâche, a traditional French salad product from the Nantes region, into thermoformed trays.

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Fresh Fruit Salad Giveaway Sliced by 86%

Every product poses its own challenges, and mixed fresh fruit pieces are no exception. There is, to start with, the tendency of the various pieces to stick and form clumps. But UK-based catering supplier Mack Service also required more effective management of the proportions in which the different fruits for mixed fruit salad were dosed.

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