Strip-pack Applicators  

Strip-Pack Applicators

Produce perfectly presented hanging strips of snack bags

Hanging strips are a great display format for impulse purchases and as they do not need any shelf space, are an excellent opportunity for a product to gain a first retail listing.

Ideal for small bags which are shown at the point of sale such as nuts, crisps and other snacks, Strip-Pack is an attractive retail display option. They can also be used for special promotions or placed next to complementary items, i.e. snacks by the drinks section.

Click below for more information on the Ishida Flexible (F-SPA) and Portable (P-SPA) Strip Pack Applicators.

Flexible Strip-pack Applicator

Innovative packaging system for small bags which are shown at the point-of-sale.

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Portable Strip-pack Applicator

Semi-automatic snacks solution for high-impact hanging strips.

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